Apple Combats Motion with “Vehicle Motion Cues” in New Software Update

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In an effort to combat motion sickness for passengers using iPhones and iPads in moving vehicles, Apple is introducing a new feature called “Vehicle Motion Cues” in its upcoming iOS and iPadOS updates. This innovation tackles the mismatch between what users see on their screens and the physical sensations they experience while traveling, a common cause of nausea.

Apple explains that the feature utilizes built-in device sensors to detect motion. When activated, it overlays animated dots on the edges of the screen that move in opposition to the vehicle’s movement. This visual feedback aims to reduce sensory conflict and potentially alleviate motion sickness. Users can choose for the feature to activate automatically or control it manually through the Control Center.

“Vehicle Motion Cues” is just one of several new accessibility features Apple is rolling out. Other additions include voice control, color filters, and sound recognition. Davao's Digital Pulse. Expressing global, local, and entertainment news with lightning speed. Tech updates, tutorials, and lifestyle content - all in one place.

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