PSA Official Questions Existence of Bamban Mayor Alice Guo’s Mother

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PSA Official Questions’ Alice Guo’s mother, Amelia Leal, might not exist, as there is no documentation proving her existence or the marriage of Guo’s parents. This statement came during a senate investigation that spotlighted Guo’s conflicting accounts of her background and identity.

Guo admitted she never met her biological mother, learning her name only from a birth certificate shown by her father in 2005. She claimed to be a love child of her father and their housemaid, who left her at birth, and stated she was her parents’ only child. However, Senator Risa Hontiveros highlighted inconsistencies, noting Guo’s siblings shared the same middle name and questioning the timeline of events presented by Guo.

Senator Raffy Tulfo also criticized Guo for her inconsistent statements. Faced with these discrepancies, Guo struggled to provide clear answers, admitting her lack of knowledge about her family background.

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