Outpouring of Support for Palais de Tokyo After Patron’s Resignation

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Following a patron’s public criticism of the Palais de Tokyo’s exhibition choices, a wave of support has emerged from the art community.

The controversy began with the resignation of collector Sandra Hegedüs from the museum’s patrons’ group, Amis du Palais de Tokyo. Hegedüs, a longtime supporter, took issue with a current exhibition that explores Palestinian liberation movements. She accused the museum of promoting a “biased” and “anti-Semitic” viewpoint through the show.

In response, prominent artists, curators, and art professionals rallied behind the Palais de Tokyo. Signatories of an open letter included renowned artists Éric Baudelaire, Camille Henrot, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Pierre Huyghe. Former museum director Emma Lavigne, Alexia Fabre (curator of the upcoming Lyon Biennale), and art dealer Jocelyn Wolff also lent their voices.

The letter emphasized that the role of patrons isn’t to dictate artistic programming. Museum president Philippe Dian echoed this sentiment, while director Guillaume Désanges stressed the institution’s role in sparking critical dialogue and providing historical context for contemporary issues.

This isn’t the first time the Palais de Tokyo has faced controversy. Just two years ago, a Miriam Cahn painting depicting the war in Ukraine sparked outrage from right-wing groups who falsely accused it of promoting child sexual abuse. The accusation even reached French courts, but ultimately, the artwork was deemed legal.

Monday’s letter referenced the Cahn incident, highlighting the museum’s history of being “targeted” for its willingness to confront challenging topics.

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