Is the Philippines at Risk of ‘FLiRT’ COVID-19 Variants?

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Is the Philippines at risk? Philippines is on heightened alert for new COVID-19 variants termed “FLiRT,” as the Bureau of Quarantine monitors potential threats. The World Health Organization has designated four JN.1 sublineages — JN.1.7, JN.1.18, KP.2, and KP.3 — as variants under monitoring. These sublineages, called “FLiRT” due to specific amino acid changes in the virus’ spike protein, have not yet shown evidence of causing severe cases locally or internationally, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

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Neighboring Singapore has experienced a spike in COVID-19 infections recently, with FLiRT variants suspected as the cause. In the Philippines, the DOH has noted a “small” increase in COVID-19 cases, recording 877 new cases from May 7 to 13, averaging 125 cases daily. Despite this rise, the current situation remains under control, with no significant evidence of FLiRT variants causing severe illness.

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