FAMAS Apologizes to Eva Darren for Alleged Snub at Awards Ceremony

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The 72nd Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS Apologizes to Eva Darren) following an alleged snub during the awards ceremony on Sunday. On Facebook, FAMAS expressed its sincerest apologies, acknowledging Darren as an icon in the Philippine movie industry. Darren was scheduled to present Special Citations with Tirso Cruz III but was not located in time due to the complexities of managing a live show.

FAMAS admitted that the incident was a result of negligence and misjudgment by the team, emphasizing that it was unintentional. They expressed regret over the hurt caused to Darren and her family, promising to make amends, including a personal visit from the FAMAS Board to honor her if she permits. The apology came after Darren’s son, Fernando de la Pena, publicly criticized the organization on Facebook for the mishap. FAMAS President Francia Conrad reiterated that the incident was not deliberate, expressing deep sadness over the situation.

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