Andi Eigenmann Criticises Viral Video Featuring Philmar Alipayo

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Actress Andi Eigenmann expressed her frustration over a viral video showing her partner, Philmar Alipayo, in a seemingly intimate moment with a woman named Crissa Liaging. The clip, which was edited and posted on TikTok for attention, depicted Alipayo playfully interacting with Liaging, including holding her waist and leaning close to her face. Despite Liaging taking down the video, it was re-uploaded by netizens and continued to circulate on social media.

Eigenmann addressed the situation through her Instagram Stories on May 27, emphasizing that she had no issue with Alipayo socializing with friends and chatting with others. She criticized the video for being intentionally edited to cause a stir, stressing that the incident was blown out of proportion for social media attention.


Ivie Yiyue

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